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ATTENTION! Please Read.

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

Hello everyone! I don't like making posts like these but I felt that it is needed to make absolute clarifications about myself and the way I approach modding. As well as dispelling rumors and misinformation about myself.

First and foremost, thank you all for downloading my mods. The mods are meaningless if there is no one there to download them. As many of you may or may not know, modding in its purest and free form is what make a community fun and viable. So thank you for that. Now, on to the serious part. 1. I have never sold and will NEVER sell mods. I will not accept money for mods. All my mods on Patreon are open to the public and they are also posted on this website. I absolutely despise paywalls and financial differences should not affect your enjoyment of content to enhance your game. 2. I accept all requests. I will never charge money for making a request. That's absolutely crazy for any one that does. All requests I have received I have added to a list I have. As you can imagine, I get requests from Lovers Lab, Nexus Mods, Patreon, Discord, and this website. My request list is long but I try to get to them eventually. There's no need to pay me to make a request or be my Patron. If I haven't done your request, do not feel bad. It is simply below all others that have requested, and trust me, I get many. 3. I will never charge money to help people with learning how to mod. Knowledge should be free (unlike my $50K a year college tuition). There is no need to send me money if you want me to give you time for help. Having more modders keeps the community alive and I'm willing to share that knowledge. 4. My specialty is porting already existing assets. I do not have the skill or time to learn how to make things from scratch. I studied nursing at my school and have zero experience in art. I do not know how to create new things. Many people request me to make new outfits based on drawings or other stuff but I'm sorry I cannot make them. I am simply a porter and nothing more. 5. I have been notified by several users that there is someone impersonating me selling mods. This one is scary. To think that someone out there would put me in such an awkward spot. PLEASE EVERYONE THAT IS NOT ME. They are using a voice changer to pretend it is me. Remember, if someone with the name "Sun" or "SunJeong" is asking for money for mods, SHE/HE IS FAKE. If you want to know what I sound like please watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t4Q2LeiCQZ0 . Anything that doesn't sound like this is NOT ME. In conclusion..... I'm all about having and making modding fun. No money, no restrictions, and no problems. I do this for you guys. Everything I port has been done by requests. I rarely refuse a request unless it's beyond the scope of my abilities or it's already been done. I will always stand by forever free. This may sound hypocritical because I have a Patreon but my Patreon is only used as a tipping jar for people to give me their thanks. Thank you and enjoy the rest of the website!

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