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C5Kev's Herme Mora Priestess

Download: C5Kev's Herme Mora Priestess for Special Edition Credit: All credits go to the user C5Kev who also graciously gave me permissions. This heavy armor outfit is inspired by the Daedric prince Hermaeus Mora. The outfit comes with animations to make it feel more alive! This outfit comes with several options for the main cuirass. Try them all out! This outfit comes with support for Ousnius's 3BBB (CBBE SMP). The outfit also comes with optional high heels sound support.



Caliente's Beautiful Body Enhancer - CBBE - Special Edition

Bodyslide and Outfit Studio XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Edition CBPC or HDT-SMP

BodySlide: Please build the outfits under the name C5Kev's Herme Mora Priestess. This mod contains a slider group for the outfit under the same name.

Obtain: The armor can be crafted in the smithing bench.

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