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Paragon Sparrow Huntress

Download: Paragon Sparrow Huntress Credits: Credits to the original creator of the outfit from the game: Lyaksandr Prelle-Tworek

Update March 6, 2021 - Fixes broken bodyslide files for all CBBE variants. BHUNP users don't need to download. A lore friendly light armor outfit! A light armor made for any playthrough that allows for customizability with modular parts from other mods! Comes with slutty version. This armor supports the normal CBBE physics, CBBE SMP by Ousnius, CBBE 3BA by Acro, and BHUNP by bakafactory. Please choose your options in the fomod installer.



Requirements: Caliente's Beautiful Body Enhancer - CBBE - Special Edition or BHUNP (UUNP Next Generation) SSE

Bodyslide and Outfit Studio XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Edition CBPC or HDT-SMP (as a physics framework)


BodySlide: Please build the outfits under the name Paragon Sparrow Huntress


Obtain: Smithing with corundum and leather ingredients. Required Advanced Armor perk.


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