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Regarding sharing this site...

Hey guys!

I'm a little sad I have to make this post but I will make it to clarify some things....

So recently there was the public sharing of this website's link in many mod pages and some Discords. I truly appreciate that the enthusiasm for the ported outfits here makes everyone excited to share screenshots of the outfits and let others know where they got it from......but:

If you post a public picture of a screenshot from an outfit here and someone asks where you got it from, feel free to share this website but please do it in a private message. There was a recent incident where spamming occurred of this website's link and now people are under the impression that I premeditated that action. This happened while I was asleep and I just got a message about it. I truly do not want people to think that I'm trying to increase traffic to this site (it has no benefit to me, I don't advertise my Patreon here, this site does not run ads, the download links don't generate money, etc.) I have no financial gain in this. Remember this site was made for everyone that just wants to try out some cool armors! As I said before, I'm very happy that everyone enjoys the ports here but let's be careful! It would be a shame if the entire website where to be taken down indefinitely due to the negative attention it can potentially receive.

Thank you all for reading this and Happy almost Lunar New Year!

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