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SunJeong Face Preset ECE #2

IT'S TIME AGAIN!. People have been asking me for this face preset for a while! I am ready to retire this character and share her with everyone.

Download: MediaFire This preset uses the slot 4 in ECE. Feel free to edit the file with a different number to replace a different slot. This file must be installed in Documents\My Games\Skyrim Special Edition\CME_save

Please read this page in its entirety When it comes to face presets, various factors comes into play to get the character to look as close to the intended look. Because there are many variable to a character's appearance, I will NOT answer questions about "Why doesn't it look the same!!!11!" I'm giving you all the information you need to get it close. A character's appearance is affected by the following:

1. Character Editor, RaceMenu or Enhanced Character Edit

- I use ECE. This preset will ONLY work with ECE. 2. Body and face textures

- I use Pure Suka for BHUNP by immyneeds cake. There is a CBBE version, you will need to find that yourself.

3. Lighting and Weather mods

a. Enhanced Lighting and Effects

b. ELFX Fixes

c. Dynamic Volumetric Lighting and Sun Shadows

d. Cathedral Weathers and Seasons

4. ENB - Pi-Cho ENB

- ENB Light

- ENB Helper

- ENB Helper Shader Bundle

- My settings below:

5. Tint Masks (make-up)

- Whatever make-up pack is in FaceRim in ArcaLive. lmao get trolled by the fake link.

6. Eyes

- Vanilla Skyrim Brown Eyes

7. Hair

- zzzz11.0_KS_SMP_90_Paraguay OB25_S, you can find this in the Tullius Hair Pack in Arca.Live.

The more of the same requirements you have with me, the more accurate the preset will look out of the box. If you do not have most of these requirements, then you will of course need to edit the preset so that it looks closer to mine but with your settings and game set-up.

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