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Hello everyone! 2 months ago I posted a very long Google survery asking the community various questions. Here are the results and I will also type an opinion for each result! n = 851 for the survery, a good sample size imo

First thing's first, my website. Seems like most people hear about my website from Nexus and Lovers Lab, with the third most popular being Discord. This doesn't surprise me as I used to be active on Nexus and LL. Most often times, users share screenshots while wearing my ports and they will most likely ask, "Where did you get that armor?". Often times they are then referred to my website. Regarding Discord, I'm very active there so it doesn't surprise me.

It was almost even. But seems like most barely do not visit my YouTube. On the positive side, almost half do watch my content. Most people in the community are here to play and mod Skyrim, not really watch YouTube. I'm content with the replies.

This helped me gauge why people visit so that it shapes my content. Most are there to see outfits being shown as often times, screenshots don't really do it justice. Looks like the replies Also indicate that they're just there to hear me. I'm very flattered, which is why I took on the idea of using V-Tubing to increase my interaction on YouTube. So far, it's been going well but I am trying to find a rhythm and identity with my YouTube.

I'm not surprised. I did not know this but apparently Twitter is considered toxic. Twitter is also not really good with showcasing outfits. I believe that these are the reasons it is not popular. This is fine as I am the least active on Twitter and now this survey as informed me that I shouldn't waste too much time on it.

I asked this question to help increase the availability of my mods. Before I was using only MediaFire because I had a paid yearly subscription just to host mods. Google Drive looks to be the second most popular so I decided to get a paid subscription for it as well to double host my mods and make download links more accessible to people. Korean community and others in Asia find it easier to download from Google Drive. Hopefully it has helped everyone gain easier to access to my mods.

A question that helps me gain an entry level understanding of the types of mods people want to use based on their purpose for playing Skyrim. Many play it for the actual story/quest. To me, this implies that most people would prefer mods that alter gameplay by enhancing it or changing it dramatically.

These questions are so funny. They are giving conflicting responses. I'm not sure what to make it. Can anyone in the comments provide some insight?

On the topic of outfits now to talk about THE MOST POPULAR BODY! According to my survey at least.

CBBE 3BA is the most popular body! I was a little surprised with this one. I thought the standard CBBE would be most popular and then 3BA would be second most popular. However, I think the reason this is the most popular is because of the extra jiggle physics that many people love in addition to being versatile in being able to use HDT-SMP and CBPC. It's a good solution for people with weaker PC's to take the CBPC route. In addition, CBBE 3BA comes with extra unique sliders compared to normal CBBE. The sliders are not numerous and redundant like BHUNP. The 2nd place popular body is BHUNP! BHUNP is similar to CBBE 3BA in that it can work with HDT-SMP and CBPC. Those that prefer BHUNP are usually the ones that had an innate preference for the UNP body shape. I honestly did not expect BHUNP to take second place as normal CBBE held a monopoly in the body department for Skyrim SE for 2-3 years before CBBE 3BA and BHUNP became mainstream. The availability of outfits strongly correlates to the popularity of the body. In my case, I was supporting 4 bodies but sadly, despite the availability of the body for my mods, it wasn't enough to sway the community. The similarity in the base shape of CBBE and CBBE 3BA made it near effortless to port outfits which helped it gain traction. In BHUNP's case, it shares a similar body shape to CBBE LE for easier ports. Congrats to both Acro749 and Bakafactory!

This question was asked to see where I can expand my modding. 97% of my mods are outfits. The second most popular mods are face/body presets. I can agree with this because many people have asked me for my body and face preset. I have uploaded them before and I plan to share it again soon. The 3rd most popular choice was weapons and texture replacers (I don't know why image removed the name). I like to do what the community wants while mixing in my preferences. I can do weapons and I can most certainly share the presets I use as well.

I'm conflicted with this answer. I'm surprised but at the same time I'm not. People enjoy packs because it is very easy for them to download. Just download and install at once and then batch build at once. However, since packs tend to be large, most of the time they cannot be ESL flagged and so they will take up a mod slot. It looks like people don't mind as long as they can get the convenience. This question encouraged me to start on the Ninirim pack again for BHUNP. In addition, I also have a major project for a [Christine] pack of mods.

I used this question to see how much effort I need to place when it comes to male armors. Often times, male armors are way harder to port because the clothing must be manually sculpted to the body. Not to mention that preference for male body shape is all over the place. There is the default body, SOS body, HIMBO, and now recently Talos Blessed body. The response is 50/50. A little disappointing. I was hoping to get motivation to increase the amount of male armors in Skyrim (my main level 61 playthrough is a male playthrough). But that's okay. I'll still port it from time to time but not as frequent.



Disclaimer, I asked these questions to see community opinion. This will not dictate how I treat my current mods. I will not pay wall, ever. This will only dictate how I can thank and encourage my supporters. One of the questions asked my supporter what sort of non-mod related rewards can I offer. That was very helpful.

The first question was asked to gauge how much of the community is involved with external Patreon creators (not me). Not surprisingly, majority do not use Patreon to donate/pay for mods but the percentage is still quite moderate. The second question asked why they decided to become a patron. The answers are cut off but I will type them out below: