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The Amazing World of Bikini Armors REMASTERED

Download: Google Drive: The Amazing World of Bikini Armor Remastered 4.1

MediaFire: The Amazing World of Bikini Armor Remastered 4.1 Update 4.0 (July 29, 2020): - Fixed exploding body mesh for TAWOBA Dwarven Cyborg I (Normal Physics). Fixed missing zap slider for arms and legs.

- Updated ARMA records for male equivalent armors to match each theme. Credit: GuyOtherSome

-Removed Thalmar Hood II from leveled list due to conflicts with the required head slot making male Thalmor headless.

- Removed the left over clutter from whiterun that caused clipping with mods like JK's Skyrim.

- Dwemer crafting book will no longer be marked as stolen

- Added SOS_Revealing keyword to all armors using slot 32 in order to fix naked males bug.

a. Important note, this fix will require a new save game. Otherwise you will have to manually reset inventory for every NPC you encounter.

- Removed stray empty cell and worldspace records Credit: GuyOtherSome

- Removed unused/empty ARMA records Credit: GuyOtherSome

Update 4.1 (August 1, 2020): - Removes two floating logs found in entrance of Riverwood - Fixes the mismatched ESPs (Vanilla vs Heels) in the fomod

Credit: Nisetanaka for the original TAWOBA and Bikini Ascend. Halofarm for the original Nordic Carved Armor. In addition I would like to credit immyneedscake for helping me convert the outfit for CBBE SMP. I want to thank Discord user Normalnick for making the different leveled lists properly. I also want to thank GuyOtherSome for the recent fixes in update 4.0. I would also like to thank the screenarchers and beta testers of my private Discord for helping me refine the pack.

Permissions: 1. Permissions from Nisetanaka 2. Permissions from Halofarm

Description: A semi-lore friendly set of vanilla inspired bikini armors! The armors are highly modular and each set is inspired by each vanilla armor theme. This armor supports non-physics CBBE bodies, the normal CBBE body physics, CBBE SMP by Ousnius, and CBBE 3BA by Acro. Optional heel sound support. Optional leveled list integration support! The download includes a fomod to select your options.


The Amazing World of Bikini Armors REMASTERED

Q: Sun, this armor has been ported 5+ times already. Why are you doing it again?

A: Read the change log to see why. I'm certain the other ports did not fix or add the following.

Change Log:

1. Added support for non-physics bodies (removes XP32 requirement for this one)

2. Added support for CBBE 3BBB Amazing

3. Added support for CBBE SMP

4. CBBE normal physics version was updated with the most current CBBE body as of April 2020.

5. Removed ALL old HDT Heels offset. Added new heels offsets for RaceMenu

6. Merged bikinis from Bikini Ascend (Orcish and Elven) and Halofarm's Nordic Carved Bikinis

7. Manually hand edited every single breast slider for every single bikini top for higher quality slider morphs. No more nasty bending.

8. Grouped SliderSet files and ShapeData folders respective of their sets (helps save some space)

9. Moved locations of crafting books to avoid conflicts with mods like JK's Skyrim and Open Cities. External patches are no longer needed. New map of book locations made.

10. Added additional 3 crafting books for the Elven, Orcish, and Nordic Carved sets.

11. Fixed missing cube maps for the Ebony set

12. Fixed missing cubemaps for the Dwemer set

13. Fixed missing cubemaps for the Elven set

14. Fixed missing cubemaps for the Iron set

15. Fixed missing cubemaps for the Steel set

16. Added cubemaps for the Orchish set

17. Fixed messed up skinning for Elven Gorget 2 and Elven Bikini Bottom 3

18. Fixed messed up skinning for Nordplate Shoulder 4L, 4R, 5L, and 5R

19. Fixed wrong partitions for Nordplate Tasset 1C and Nordplate Skirt 1

20. Fixed double 33 hand paritions for Steel Guantlets 1


Caliente's Beautiful Body Enhancer - CBBE - Special Edition

Bodyslide and Outfit Studio XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Edition (this is not needed if installing the non-physics) CBPC or HDT-SMP

BodySlide: Please build the outfits under the name TAWOBA. Each set includes its own SliderGroup file under the name "TAWOBA Remastered". For users of 3BB bodies, first batch build TAWOBA Remastered then batch build TAWOBA Remastered [3BA or CBBE SMP].

Obtain: The items can be crafted once you obtain the crafting recipe books scattered throughout Skyrim (picture below). If you choose leveled list option, the armors can appear on NPCs throughout Skyrim. Each armor set requires their own smithing perk similar to vanilla.

Vol. 1 Banded Iron - Embershard Mine

Vol. 2 Steel Plate - Liar's Retreat

Vol. 3 Steel - Vilemyr Inn, Ivarsted

Vol. 4 Dragonbone - High Hrothgar

Vol. 5 Falmer - Frostflow Lighthouse inside Frostflow Abyss

Vol. 6 Wolf - Jorrvaskar, Whiterun

Vol. 7 Blades - Kynesgrove Inn

Vol. 8 Dwemer - Dwemer Museum, Markarth

Vol. 9 Hide - Alvor's House, Riverwood

Vol. 10 Leather - Lod's House, Falkreath

Vol. 11 Ebony - Knifepoint Ridge

Vol. 12 Elven - Northwatch Keep

Vol. 13 Orcish - Inside Largashbur

Vol. 14 Nordic Carved - Skaal Village, Solstheim

Compatibility: My version of TAWOBA is compatible with mods that change Skyrim's cities. In the past, a patch was needed for Open Cities and JK's Skyrim. My version no longer needs these patches. The books have been moved in interior areas less likely to be altered by mods. The clutter in Whiterun was also all removed for better visual compatibility with any mods that alter Riverwood's appearance.

Redistribution Permissions:

The original TAWOBA, Bikini Ascend, and Nordic Carved Bikini from Skyrim Legendary Edition is free to share given by the open permissions of the respective authors. The TAWOBA Remastered is subject to the following: - This specific file and contents MAY NOT be uploaded in whole or in part to Nexus.

- This specific file and contents MAY NOT be uploaded in whole or in part to Lovers Lab.

- This file MAY be shared and translated by the DC Inside korean community.

Several safe guards have been in place to determine if this file has been uploaded without permission. If you wish to use TAWOBA, Bikini Ascend, or Halo's Nordic Carved, please use the original sources from Skyrim Legendary Edition. For any other redistribution questions please contact me using the contact form.

Thank You All!

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