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David Treese
Jul 23, 2021
In Mod Requests
Hello, My favorite vanilla armor replacer for the ladies has always been Book of UUNP Vol. 1-3. I must admit that the full mod is rather large and would take a good deal of effort. So, I do not make this request lightly. I know that I am asking a lot. There was a previous attempt to port this amazing mod for CBBE. However, it was never completed. It's only a portion of the original mod and therefore fell short of my expectations. The reason that I love Book of UUNP is all the many options it has. There are full coverage options, ulta skimpy options and many other variations in between. So, unless someone were going to convert the entire original mod it just wouldn't make sense because options are the main reason this is such a cool mod. So, I'm hoping that our dear Sun will find some time at some point to give this mod the kind of treatment such an awesome mod deserves. I do have one additional request... if you are asking for the moon you may as well request a side order of cheese too, right? Haha 🤣 It would be very nice to have a version without the helmets or invisible helms like Tera. There are some really silly looking helmet variations in that mod that look awful. The outfits are incorporated into the leveled lists for traders and npc's alike. So, not seeing those silly hats would be a nice option. Otherwise, if it's easier then a version that does not include the leveled lists would also work as all of the options may be crafted by the player then distributed as desired to npc's using a mod like Simple NPC Outfit Manager... love that mod😍 Anyway... I know this is a big ask, Sun. So, I don't actually expect to hear a yes, at least not on my one request alone. This would be a lot of work because there are a lot of items to process. So, I'm asking for votes to support this mod conversion request. Ultimately, I'd like to see Book of UUNP Vol 1-3 converted for CBBE SE, CBBE 3BBB/A and BHUNP. But, I'm putting this out there for votes and comments. What do all of you think? If there is enough support then Sun will make this, I am certain. Sun is amazing, generous and loves her fans. She just needs to know that there is a demand to make it worth the time investment. So, Let's hear what you think. Thank you friends😎 Adventure on😎 The SSE link is here. I'm not certain if the intact SLE version this one is based on is even available any longer. This is the one I used and loved. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/7505